Carl W. (Bill) Slaughter II

Funeral Director - Embalmer

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born : Bethany, Missouri
graduated : South Harrison High School
college : Northwest Missouri State University
Missouri Western State University
California College of Mortuary Science (Associate of Arts in Mortuary Science)
experience : 39 years

Delsa L Brooks

Funeral Director

born : Leon, Iowa
graduated : North Harrison High School
college: North Central Missouri College
(Associates of Arts in Accounting)
experience : 31 years

Judy A. Booth

Funeral Attendant

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experience : 37 years

Victor R. Buntin

Funeral Attendant

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born : Ridgeway, Missouri
Minister at Mount Moriah Baptist Church
experience : 7 years

Loree Richardson

Funeral Director (Retired)

e-mail :
born : Gilman City, Missouri
graduated : South Harrison High School
experience : 30 years

                      1000 N. 25th St.
                      Hwy 69 North
                      Bethany, Missouri 64424